Simona Regep

Simona Regep

Senior Lecturer, West University, TimişoaraLOGO-U-Nume-300x294

Paper title: Considerations on some unpublished Roman lamps found in Tibiscum.

Short CV:
Simona Regep has as main research area Roman provincial archaeology from Dacia, with comparative studies on Roman lamps. She completed her PhD thesis on Roman lamps found in Tibiscum in 2007. and she teaches courses on Ancient Roman history in Dacia at the University of the West from Timişoara, Faculty of Letters, History and Theology  since 2008.


The series of Roman lamps taken into discussion have been found in one of the bath chambers (thermae I ) inside the civil settlement of Tibiscum. They are all made in moulds, from a fine yellowish or brick brown clay withouth exterior plaster. As the shape is concerned they are circular or reclangle, with multiple burning wholes, and the ear has the shape of an eagle.   Firmalampen type lamps with the mark on the bottom have also been found in the same place. Similar shaped pieces were also found in Durostorum.