Viorel Ștefan Georgescu

Viorel Ștefan GeorgescuLOGO-U-Nume-300x294

PhD Student & Expert Field Archaeologist

Paper title: A couple of unpublished lamps from the collection of the Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanta.

Short CV:
Archaeologist, specialized in provincial roman archeology and rescue excavations,  currently working at Vanderlay Arheo.
2012-present, Ph.d student at West University, Timișoara
2008- 2010 Master degree at Ovidius University Constanța
2004- 2008 Bachelor studies at Ovidus University Constanța
2012- present, archaeologist Vanderlay Arheo
2009- 2011, archaeologist, collaborator – Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanta
2006- 2009, volunteer at Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanta


This paper aims to present five lamps discovered in the ancient necropolis of Tomis which are currently located in the deposit of Museum of National History and Archaeology Constanta. Although, this five items were discovered more than twenty or thirty years ago, they haven’t been published until now. Among these lamps only two of them have a trapezoidal nozzle and disk decorated with the image of Serapis. The remaining number of lamps have a cordiform nozzle and they are decorated with different scenes: two Cupid flanking a large vessel, a man carrying water with large vessels in his hands, and a panther sitting in front of a krater. These artefacts are very important items because of the decoration of the disc, the Hellenistic deity Serapis appears for the first time – decorating the disk of the lamp, in Tomis. Also the man who carries water is – until now – a singular figure. On the other hand, Cupid and panther are common discoveries. These rushlights are imported in the city and purchased by the inhabitants who used them among others for the funeral ritual. All of them have been dated in the IInd – IIIrd century A. D.